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              In 2012, Aojie began to cooperate with the world's largest supplier of automobile air conditioning, Malebeier, Germany. Now all the companies in China, such as Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenyang, Dongfeng and Guangzhou, have used the gas-fired aluminium brazing furnace produced by Aojie, and have been successfully accepted and put into production, which has been affirmed by foreign experts and approved by the silicon 3 Technology of the European Ministry. Fixed. This marks that Aojie has set a new milestone in the gas brazing furnace manufacturing industry!

        1. Degreasing furnace
        Degreasing furnace is heated by electricity or natural gas. The core body is continuously penetrated by the circulating hot air of the agitator fan to remove grease. In this process, the lubricant attached to the core body is evaporated and burned in the incinerator.

        2. Incinerator

        The final temperature of the gas discharged from the incinerator system is below 300 degree C. The muffler in the incinerator has helical blades designed to achieve at least one second residence time and 95% pyrolysis efficiency. The oil and gas discharged from degreasing furnace must be heat exchanged through this heat exchanger before entering the incinerator chamber of the incinerator for combustion and exhaust. The temperature of the gas discharged from the outlet of the heat exchanger of the incinerator after heat exchange is not less than 400 degrees C. The heat recovery efficiency is over 50%.

        3. Sprinkler Room
        The whole spray room is a rhinoceros room modelling structure. The spray chamber is designed with many windows and evenly arranged on both sides to observe the internal conditions of different functional areas. After the operation of the equipment, the observation window will be attached to the flux powder, which will affect the observation effect. Based on this, each window is designed with the manual cleaning function of deionized water and the lighting function of the observation window.

        4. Dryer 
        The drying furnace is heated by natural gas. The wet core from the flux spray chamber will evaporate completely in the drying oven. Within the net belt range, the furnace temperature uniformity is maintained within (+10 C)

        5. Preheating Furnace 

        The preheater connected with the front curtain chamber is heated by natural gas. The uniformity of furnace temperature is controlled within (+5 C) in the whole network bandwidth range, and the temperature deviation of core body center is within (+2 C) in multi-layer welding.

        6. Brazing Furnace 

        Inserted heating elements are distributed in multiple heating zones to electrically heat the brazing chamber, and the workpiece is heated to the brazing temperature. For different workpieces and different heating rates, the input power of each heating zone has greater flexibility. Single SCR (power regulator) is used to balance the heat demand of each brazing zone. Within the whole network bandwidth, the furnace temperature uniformity is within (+3 C) (based on the measurement of the moving workpiece on the same cross-section).

        Part of the product drawings of welding with Aojie gas-electric hybrid heating aluminium brazing furnace:

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